Who is quick to try to spin a developing story about a white southern racist terrorist into a faux war du jour?  sʍǝN XOℲ :ɹǝʍsu∀
If southern racist Dylann Roof had ended up in a McDonald's to start his race war, would FOX News blame it on the 'War On Hamburgers'?

                                                                      Remember when republican SC governor Nikki Haley defended the confederate flag?
                           Remember when republican Chief Justice John Roberts said "our nation has sufficiently fixed its racism problem"?

Fighting to oppose any assault weapon regulation on piles of dead children and mass shooting casualties (giving kids rifles & uzi lessons is an exceptional breed of stupid) Selling marriage as a sacred bond solely between one ovulating vagina & one penis Defending rape, abuse & torture Denying women control over their own bodies, denying women equal pay??? Enacting laws of discrimination against gays, minorities and different faiths Faking faith  ✝  Jesus died for the sins of corporations? Protecting greedy billionaires & millionaires while shitting on the poor Sending all of our jobs overseas, because freedom! Claiming to love America... but REALLY HATE DIVERSITY Starting wars they can't finish Expecting all the sick uninsured folks to just die quickly Attacking science Destroying unions Ignoring infrastructure Poisoning the air and water Rigging elections Defending christian incest, pedophilia & sexual abuse...


   Follow the 2016 GOP clown car

Grease bag Andrea Tantaros

No more pixels will be wasted on this perfect argument for abortion. This is her legacy.

Living proof pregnancy really can happen from anal intercourse, stupid FOX News stain Andrea Tantaros jokingly compares Clinton's campaign to the Amtrak train disaster (that killed 7 Americans lol!!! hahaha!!! so funny!!! --not

Stupid FOX News fuckstain Andrea forgets about the KKK, Oathkeepers, the NRA, the Tea Party, GOP, FOX News... asks
where are the organizations in defense of white men? [21]

Andrea's identical twin once died of embarrassment caused by Andrea's nutty suggestions - A suggestion like; Andrea Tantaros suggests President (negro) Obama, Justice Department (negro Eric Holder) to blame for "fomenting" environment of (negro) violence in Ferguson [20]

update  It was brought to the Club's attention that Andrea's brother Daniel was not retarded, so the FOX News fucktain couldn't possibly be his identical twin. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the error

update 2  Andrea's sheer stupidity might have killed him for good the last time, to this day Daniel is still dead!

Stupid Andrea Tantaros responds to the measles outbreak FOX-News-style, with junk science! - Andrea Tantaros was told to be concerned about the (now-debunked) links between vaccines and autism. “There is a lot of controversy especially with those vaccinations when it comes to newborn babies, and not just about measles. I know, personally...” [19]

Why does Andrea Tantaros always hide her ears with that ugly helmet hair? Is it a case of hairy pinna? A complication of hematoma auris, perichondrial hematoma, or traumatic auricular hematoma?  Why are the Greek so hairy?

Andrea Tantaros was told to be patriotic! -- Andrea really loves her cnutry! “The United States of America is awesome. We are awesome. But we’ve had this discussion. We’ve closed the book on it. The reason they want the discussion is not to show how awesome we are. It’s to show us how we’re not awesome.” Andrea Tantaros loses her mind over torture report’s release [18]

Andrea Tantaros was told to fearmonger on ❝ebola❞ - FOX host Andrea Tantaros: Ebola patients may arrive from Africa and "seek treatment from a witch doctor" instead of a hospital [17]

Andrea Tantaros was told to blame drunk girls for frat rapes - FOX hosts blame drunk girls for frat rapes: ‘These guys, what are they supposed to do?’ Drunk college girls need to take “personal responsibility” for their actions if they are sexually assaulted [16]

Andrea Tantaros was told to turn any story into 'why doesn't Obama lead?' - Andrea Tantaros complains Obama wasn’t ‘leading’ on Ray Rice suspension as White House issues statement [15]

Andrea Tantaros was told to accuse Eric Holder of running the Department Of Justice like the black panthers - Andrea Tantaros accuses Eric Holder of running the DOJ like the black panthers, accuses the Attorney General of race baiting [14]

FOX's (Islam expert?) Andrea Tantaros was told to say something smart (sounding) about all muslims - Andrea Tantaros: If you study the history of Islam. Our ship captains were getting murdered. The French had to tip us off. I mean these were the days of Thomas Jefferson. They've been doing the same thing. This isn't a surprise. You can't solve it with a dialogue. You can't solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. Its the only thing these people understand [13]

FOX's hairiest doll Andrea Tantaros was told to defend Hobby Lobby by saying that if a company includes contraception in their health care coverage then it's subsidizing a woman's sex life - Andrea Tantaros defends Hobby Lobby by saying that if a company includes contraception in their health care coverage then it's subsidizing a woman's sex life. No, really. [12]

Andrea was told to compare Malaysia flight 370 to... wait for it...
Benghazi !!!1@#%* [10][11]

FOX’s Andrea Tantaros just loves her income inequality in America - FOX’s The Five discussed income inequality in typical FOX News fashion yesterday: by smearing those with a different point of view and playing the victim at the same time. Co-host Andrea Tantaros, who thinks she’d “look fabulous” living on a food stamp diet, summed it up when she likened those who want to address income inequality to “poverty pimps,” “rat catchers” and pickpockets [9]

Ignorant dumb cnut Andrea Tantaros unwittingly demonstrates own point about ignorance of American history - FOX News host says Americans don’t know their history, then makes up some American history [6][7] During the lead-up to the American Revolutionary War, "some guy in Boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea." [8]

FOX News Andrea Tantaros was told to say the Obama Administration is enabling and helping the jihadists rise up - FOX's Tantaros: Obama Administration is enabling and helping the jihadists rise up! [5]


FOX News' hairiest doll Andrea Tantaros was told to attack Obama for not honoring veterans on Memorial Day - Andrea Tantaros attacks Obama for not honoring veterans on Memorial Day !!!@# [4] ...even though he did

Andrea Tantaros advises listeners to punch Obama supporters - 'This is Obama’s America. It’s like the Soviet Union. He said he’d change the country. He said it. He said it. He said it. And a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, punch them in the face' [1][2]

The day after Obama stated he was comfortable with the FDA’s decision to lower the age limit on Plan B, Andrea Tantaros was told to wonder how the change would apply to his 14-year-old daughter Malia [3]

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Andrea smells deep fried chicken wings nearby!

Oink oink

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