Who is quick to try to spin a developing story about a white southern racist terrorist into a faux war du jour?  sʍǝN XOℲ :ɹǝʍsu∀
If southern racist Dylann Roof had ended up in a McDonald's to start his race war, would FOX News blame it on the 'War On Hamburgers'?

                                                                      Remember when republican SC governor Nikki Haley defended the confederate flag?
                           Remember when republican Chief Justice John Roberts said "our nation has sufficiently fixed its racism problem"?

Fighting to oppose any assault weapon regulation on piles of dead children and mass shooting casualties (giving kids rifles & uzi lessons is an exceptional breed of stupid) Selling marriage as a sacred bond solely between one ovulating vagina & one penis Defending rape, abuse & torture Denying women control over their own bodies, denying women equal pay??? Enacting laws of discrimination against gays, minorities and different faiths Faking faith  ✝  Jesus died for the sins of corporations? Protecting greedy billionaires & millionaires while shitting on the poor Sending all of our jobs overseas, because freedom! Claiming to love America... but REALLY HATE DIVERSITY Starting wars they can't finish Expecting all the sick uninsured folks to just die quickly Attacking science Destroying unions Ignoring infrastructure Poisoning the air and water Rigging elections Defending christian incest, pedophilia & sexual abuse...


   Follow the 2016 GOP clown car

with republicans in charge ...

In 2015,
with republicans in charge of the Senate and House of Representatives, so far...

Job Bills: 0*
* GOP senate leader is maybe interested in highway repairs,
but GOP house leader doesn't give a shit about JOBS JOBS JOBS.
Kicking the can down the road is how republicans in charge prefer to do things.

Abortion bans: 33

Repeal Obamacare: 27

+ They don't want you to know what you eat!

Republicans voted to slash Amtrak's funding by $252 million the day after the deadly derailment in Philadelphia even though Amtrak has been begging for more 'safety' funding for years... meanwhile On FOX News, a foxstain was making jokes about the train disaster as other foxtards were busy blurring out boobs on a Picasso

More tax cuts for rich billionaires and prosperous corporations need to come from somewhere, public safety is so dumb!

Steve Scalise

The third ranking republican
in the House of Representatives today...

GOP keeping Scalise says a lot about who they are - There's no arguing that who republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says a lot about what the conference's priorities and values are, Scalise described himself as longtime Klan leader David Duke, but without the baggage [11]

House majority whip Scalise confirms he spoke to racist white supremacist hate group

For the second time in 2 months, Steve Scalise can't kkkount - House GOP votes down their own bill to avert a government shutdown. The guy's job is to make sure republicans have enough votes to pass whatever piece of legislation before bringing it to the floor. With republicans in charge, the Department of Homeland Security might not get funded at all and the next republican government shutdown is just around the corner, again. [16] Republicans built that. Republicans own that.

update Republicans funded the Department of Homeland Security for one whole week.

update 2 While republicans were busy rimming the lying racist Benjamin Netanyahu, democrats funded the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the year.

The third ranking republican in the House of Representatives today (year 2015) Steve Scalise endorsed then-state Rep. John LaBruzzo’s re-election campaign in the district once represented by David Duke. He did so despite the fact that LaBruzzo got into hot water for proposing to pay poor (black) women to be sterilized or otherwise to not have children, while rich, better-educated (white) women could be given incentives to reproduce [15]

The third ranking republican in the House of Representatives (who apparently doesn't have a racist bone in his body >>> he actually has two hundred six) is acting like a racist - Steve Scalise tried to kill a bill that apologized for slavery. Scalise can’t defend his efforts to kill the entire bill on the basis that he didn’t think he should have to apologize. Killing the bill suggests that Scalise didn’t think that America had anything to apologize for. Republicans can talk about what is in Steve Scalise’s heart and that they think that he is a good man, but as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words [14]

GOP House leader Steve Scalise was honored guest speaker at white supremacist conference - The republican from Louisiana, representative Steve Scalise, is the House majority whip, and he finally admitted that he did appear at an international white supremacist conference as an “honored guest and speaker.” The organization is the brainchild of avowed white supremacist David Duke with an innocent-sounding name European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO). Prior to adopting the name EURO, Duke’s white supremacist organization was called the National Organization for European American Rights (NOFEAR), and was proudly touted as a “civil rights” organization fighting the alleged “massive discrimination” faced by whites from the nation’s growing population of minorities. The Southern Poverty Law Center has well-documented the hate-group’s white supremacist statements such as “Jewish media attack us for wanting to restore white America, and they are largely responsible for the ‘browning’ of America. The Jews want to rule over a multi-racial brown America that is too ignorant to ever rebel against them” [1][2]

Republicans fail to quickly pass House Bill easing Dodd-Frank. Steve Scalise (R - Nazi Whisperer) has ONE job... - So what does the job of "Majority Whip" involve? Simple, really. You're the one who assures the Majority Leader that the votes are there to pass whatever piece of legislation your party caucus is bringing to the floor. And the GOP, as we all know, have a solid majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. So on the second day of Congress’s new session, when they moved a GOP-supported bill to ease those bothersome Dodd-Frank restrictions on the high-level thievery of Wall Street to the floor for a vote, it should have sailed, right? Wrong! [12][13]

Former KKK grand wizard David Duke calls GOP rep. Scalise a ‘fine family man’ [3]

Steve Scalise was told to be sorry - Rep. Scalise: Speech at white supremacist gathering 'A mistake I regret' (getting caught) [4]

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner defends Steve Scalise - Turns out it was just a silly error in judgment. The republican party's core voters and the KKK share the same beliefs so it's not a problem... [5]

Who cares if Steve Scalise told Roll Call that he embraces many of the same 'conservative' views as grand wizard of the knights of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke [6] ...not John Boehner or FOX News!

The very loud cricket sounds you're hearing are coming from 1211 Avenue of the Americas - FOX News does not care about this story. The cable network mentioned the Scalise story once since it broke for a brief 20-second segment. That’s it. [7]

fyi Republicans speaking to white supremacists isn't news for FOX News viewers - but could you imagine how outraged the FOX News dolls would be told to react if it was a democratic leader that was an honored guest speaker at a black panther conference?!

but wait, there's more! Rep. Steve Scalise’s other hate group affiliation - Already on the hot seat for speaking at a white supremacist event, the House majority whip also has ties to anti-LGBT organzations. He is also a regular on Tony Perkins’ radio show, Washington Watch With Tony Perkins. Perkins heads the Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center condemns as virulently anti-LGBT. According to the SPLC, the Council “often makes false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science. The intention is to denigrate LGBT people in its battles against same-sex marriage, hate crime laws, anti-bullying programs and the repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy. While plenty of Republicans are against same-sex marriage, most don’t go so far as to ally themselves with Perkins. For the House majority whip to have that kind of allegiance says all you need to know about the republican party [8][9]

Steve Scalise voted against Martin Luther King Holiday twice - While rejecting the Martin Luther King holiday doesn’t necessarily out Scalise as a hardcore white nationalist, it does suggest that his views on race are suspect at best [10]

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Steve Scalise on Project Vote Smart


Joni Ernst
wants your fetus to have a lawyer!

Republicans, the Family Research Council and Josh Duggar are a match made in heaven! Sen. Joni Ernst poses with pedophile Josh Duggar, of the SPLC certified hate group Family Research Council. Josh Duggar admitted to incest, fucking with at least 4 of his pre-teen sisters and one unidentified child (that we know of). Baby Jesus cleaned his dick off and forgave him so that's the end of that

There are many more republicans that used the Duggar family as right-wing christian cred in photo-ops...

Lt. Col. Joni Ernst broke the law by signing the seditious letter to Iran [18]

In the Koch brothers' rebuttal to the State of the Union [15] Joni Ernst talks about that time trickle-down economics spilled on her shoes - Joni Ernst told a touching tale of how she only owned one pair of shoes as a child, and how she had to wear bread bags on her feet to keep her shoes dry when it rained. When was that? During the Great Depression? Not so much, since Ernst was born in 1970. No, her time in bread bags was during the Reagan era -- 1980 to 1988 - [16] The only thing missing in Joni Ernst's response, was a response [17]

Member of the Iowa Senate from the 12th district, U.S. candidate senator Joni Ernst [1]

Senate candidate Joni Ernst endorses federal personhood bill for fetuses - Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst said she would support a federal bill that gives legal personhood rights to fetuses from the moment of fertilization, effectively wiping out legal abortion in the United States. Ernst voted for a fetal personhood amendment in the Iowa State legislature in 2013, and she told the Sioux City Journal editorial board that she also would support a federal personhood measure [2]

Nurse Kim Tweedy - Sexual Assault Response Team, Nurse Examiner • West Des Moines, IA on Joni Ernst - Joni Ernst would outlaw abortion even for victims of rape and incest. She'd ban a woman's right to chose, even for women who've been through that trauma. [3]

Absolutely brutalized.

Watch Joni Ernst dodge question on rape exceptions for abortion [7]

Is Iowa’s lady wannabe senator Joni Ernst stupid or just really stupid? - Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst is definitely not the brightest belle in the drawer. She’s hoping to get elected to the U.S. Senate on a platform of arresting the government for Obamacare, warning the rural folk about Agenda 21′s plot to make them ride bicycles like common Chinese, and also something about castrating pigs [4]

Ernst does not believe there should be any federal minimum wage. $7.25 minimum wage is a ‘great starter wage’ - Ernst argues that that the minimum wage is some sort of training wage for teenagers just learning how to have a job, the reality is far from it [5]

Joni Ernst thank$ the Koch brother$ for $tarting her trajectory
The vast and well-funded political network maintained by petrochemical billionaires Charles and David Koch “started my trajectory,” according to Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. The Kochs and their network have poured millions into an array of organizations — including Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the American Legislative Exchange Council, and the Heritage Foundation — which deny science behind climate change, while fighting to roll back federal cuts to carbon emissions from power plants, to undo state-level renewable energy requirements, to stop environmental regulations, and to take down various other efforts like Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Ernst has promised “to abolish” the Environmental Protection Agency, she opposes the Clean Water Act, and stated that “I have not seen proven proof that [climate change] is entirely man-made.” Charles Koch, his wife, his son, and his daughter-in-law all personally maxed out the legal limit of $2,600 they can make to Ernst’s war chest. Koch Industries also made its own $5,000 contribution to her campaign. On top of that, Ernst’s campaign took to its Facebook page to specifically thank the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity for running ads against her opponent [6]

fun fact Joni Ernst supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas [13]

Joni Ernst wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare [11][12]

Joni Ernst promises Americans a very painful lesson if elected
Ernst wants to repeal Obamacare, privatize Social Security, abolish education spending, eliminate food stamps, and force people to seek out church assistance [8]

Two weeks before the election, Joni Ernst was preparing for a recount - Ernst filed open records requests in multiple counties for training materials, satellite voting locations, names of ballot counters, recount procedures. Such a large record request so close to an election is unusual for candidates [10]

Joni Ernst supports using guns against the government! --

Pro-life(ish) gun nut Joni Ernst carries a 9-millimeter gun around everywhere and believes in the right to use it even if it's against the gubmint! [9][14]

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Contact Joni Ernst


Joni Ernst on Project Vote Smart


Joni Ernst's Twitter


Joni Ernst is pro-life(ish) *

* if you live in a womb

Mo Brooks

Alabama congressman Mo Brooks (R-Really Really Stupid): 'Illegal aliens' may have started the measles outbreak in the U.S. !!!
The measles outbreak has caused some politicians to take a stance on whether vaccines for children should be mandatory in the U.S. Numerous conservative lawmakers have argued that parents should not be forced to vaccinate their kids. [8]

The 'illegal aliens' that came to this country
with their measles laced blankets?

If Obama is for vaccinations, I'm against them!

U.S. House member from Alabama's 5th district [1] Mo Brooks is worried about a “WAR ON WHITES”! - Mo Brooks doesn’t think that the hardline stance Republicans have taken on immigration could hurt the party’s standing with Hispanic voters. Instead, he thinks Democrats are hurting their prospects with white voters. “This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else,” he said during an interview Monday with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. “It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true.” [2][3][4]

Rep. Brooks stands by 'War on whites' comments - Mo Brooks is not backing down [5]

Mo Brooks opposed Sandy disaster relief after supporting disaster aid for home state - I got mine so all y'all can just go fuck yourselves [6]

Mo Brooks voted against Violence Against Women Act [7]

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Contact Mo Brooks - Bio (provided by SPLC designated hate group Family Research Council)


Mo Brooks official House page


How Mo Brooks voted on key votes


Mo Brooks on the issues


Mo Brooks' Open Secrets


Mo Brooks on Project Vote Smart


Fran Millar

Republican senator Fran Millar, senior deputy whip from Georgia's 40th district [1][2]

Fran Millar complains that voting is too convenient for black people - Concerned that this will lead to higher African-American voter turnout and hurt his party’s dominance, Fran Millar is speaking out and vowing to stop this easy voting for minority voters [3][4]

update On his Facebook page, Millar stood by his comments: I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters. If you don’t believe this is an effort to maximize Democratic votes pure and simple, then you are not a realist. This is a partisan stunt and I hope it can be stopped [5]

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Contact Fran Millar


Fran Millar on Project Vote Smart


Fran Millar's Facebook page


FOX's highest paid doll Megyn Kelly

Princess Megyn is pissed off again, this time it's... wait for it... Obama's fault!

Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama!

On The Kelly File...

A white 14 y/o ❛christian❜ fucking with 4 sisters = curious
A black 14 y/o ❛looks like young woman❜
= no saint

Princess Megyn is furious that the ‘liberal media’ quoted her in context...

Princess Megyn gave the stupid, oversexed, undereducated Duggars a primetime special to defend christian incest, pedophilia & sexual abuse ...because stupid Jim Bob and Michelle did nothing wrong by letting their 14/15 year old son fuck with at least four of his sisters, the youngest being 5 years old and another child (that we know of) for 16 months and doing nothing about it. Jim Bob told Megyn that Josh's sexual molestations weren't all that bad because he was just curious, their main concern is that it ever came out in public in the first place and that their family is being victimized

update Baby Jesus cleaned Josh's dick off and forgave him so that's the end of that - These stupid idiots don't know there's a difference between a sin and a crime! Bottom line is Josh's sisters' vaginas are not his to explore. Period.

& speaking of vaginas...

Megyn's kids haven't seen mommy's muff on the FOX News boob tube yet (they can have a peek below and reminisce of the stormy nights they clawed their way out) - “I don’t think they know I’m actually on TV for a living,” she says of her daughter Yardley Evans, 3½, and two sons, Edward Yates, 5, and Thatcher Bray, 15 months. “But my husband [Doug Brunt] recently came [on the show] to talk about his new novel, so we showed them that segment because it was Mommy and Daddy,” she shares. “They reacted as if they had never seen me on television before, running up to the screen and waving.” [16]

Megyn Kelly says FUCK on TV, introduces scam-artist fraud Mike Huckabee, host of 'Fuck of Huckabee' on FOX News

After leaving FOX News, Mike Huckabee called Megyn Kelly trashy.

Princess Megyn is so over dealing with black folk right now, especially (right) in the middle of demonize all muslims time! - Megyn Kelly pouts after being ‘interrupted’ by Ferguson update. Is it really surprising that she would view a terrifying scene of African-American oppression as being less important than an excuse to demonize muslims? [14]

On The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly incorrectly queefs that Colorado voters are now able to print ballots using their home computers and vote by turning them in - "A new election law has opened the door to possible voter fraud." Kelly described it as a "first of its kind election law: a set of rules that literally allows residents to print ballots from their home computers, then encourages them to turn ballots over to collectors" The claim that it allows for home-printed ballots is simply false. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, a republican and a vocal opponent of the law told 9NEWS that most Colorado voters can not print a ballot on their home printer and use it to vote. Kelly's made up claim does not appear on FOX News' website, but the segment was uploaded to YouTube [15]

Megyn Kelly couldn't book the KKK, so she put Mark Furhman on instead - True to form, perennial white supremacist felon ex-cop Fuhrman tried, convicted, and executed Michael Brown. It took 'The Kelly File' no time to find a racist scumbag like Fuhrman to explain to frightened FOX News viewers why unarmed African-American kid Michael Brown deserved to take six bullets. Because black dude. Seriously [13]

Megyn Kelly won't name Ft. Hood shooter, but is fine with describing him as Browny McLatinoson - "Authorities are identifying the shooter. If you are interested you can get his name on other shows, like the one that preceded this one and online, but we have decided not to name these mass killers as a policy here on the ‘Kelly File,’" Kelly said. She stuck to the policy later in the program, but casually offered a description of the suspect based on his name. "The nationality of the shooter, it sounds Hispanic, Latino, but you can look up his name online," Kelly said [12]

Megyn Kelly's annual salary? $6 million per year - That's a little over $23 000 / per day (twenty three thousand dollars) x 5 days a week x 52 weeks a year [11]

What happens when Megyn Kelly promises to hold a hate group leader accountable? if you answered - she distracts everyone by airing out her hot pocket, that's incorrect! what promise? - After assuring a GLAAD official that she would challenge an anti-gay hate group leader on his history of extreme rhetoric, FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly welcomed Family Research Council president Tony Perkins to defend a Duck Dynasty star, never mentioning his nor FRC's anti-gay extremism and hate group designation [10]

When she's not busy airing out her clam or dropping F-bombs on live television, FOX News host Megyn Kelly assures children: Baby Jesus and Santa are both white! - 'By the way, for all you kids watching at home, Santa is white but this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. Santa is what he is and just so you know, we are debating this because someone wrote about it, kids. Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too. He was a historical figure. That's a verifiable fact -- as is Santa. I just want the kids watching to know that' [9]
How can FOX News be conservative when their presentation borders often on soft porn?
Click on image to watch / rub one out

Megyn Kelly now Bill O’Reilly’s helper in The War On Christmas - Yes, it’s time for Fox News to play the Christmas victims again, and this year Megyn Kelly has suited up and is ready to join the crusade in prime time [8]

Megyn Kelly: Pepper spray is 'a food product, essentially' [3]

Native Americans: They’re illegal immigrants, essentially [7] - This, once again, unfortunately, shows the ignorance of such so-called journalists and TV professionals but also the ignorance of those that watch such TV channels

Megyn Kelly whitewashes hate group leader's extreme anti-gay bigotry - FOX News host Megyn Kelly attempted to whitewash the record of one of the country's most prominent anti-gay hate group leaders, ignoring his history of extreme bigotry towards the LGBT community [5]

Megyn Kelly defends Ben Carson's anti-gay comments [6]

FOX News' Megyn Kelly ignores economists on stimulus spending [1]

FOX's Megyn Kelly gives anti-Clinton activist a venue to whore his book of debunked Benghazi smears [4]

FOX News edits Clinton testimony to claim she never addressed Benghazi monitoring [2]

* (more)

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Lawrence Lockman

Maine State House Representative Lawrence E. Lockman (R-Amherst) really thinks that men should have a legal right to rape women - “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman?” Lockman said. “At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.” [1][2][3]

Maine Representative Lawrence Lockman’s decades long history of extremism - Full stupid on IRS, women, homosexicals and liberals [4]

1. source, 2. source, 3. source, 4. source

Lawrence Lockman's official page


Lawrence Lockman on Project Vote Smart


Shannon Bream
another stupid racist FOX News doll

Stupid racist FOX News foxstain Shannon Bream asks, how do we spot bad guys if we can't see their brown skin tone? -
"That's my question about these guys because if we know they were speaking unaccented French and they had, you know, ski masks on, do we even know what color they were," Bream said. "What the tone of their skin was. I mean what if they didn't look like typical bad guys?' [6]

Fair (skin) & Balanced (on a high chair)

You too can help spot terrorists with this
FOX News terrorist color chart!

FOX News clone Shannon Bream was told to say the clemency initiative for nonviolent drug offenders is like get out of jail free cards - Shannon Bream calls clemency initiative for nonviolent drug offenders "get out of jail free cards" [5]

Shannon Bream was told to say businesses have a right to discriminate against gay people - Shannon Bream suggests businesses have a right to discriminate against gay people [4]

Shannon Bream whines 'far left media' making fun of FOX News' most embarrassing interview ever when host Lauren Green was dumbfounded that a scholar, who is muslim, had the audacity to write a book about baby Jesus [3]

FOX's Shannon Bream was told to say federal disability benefit payments are fraudulent - FOX's Shannon Bream suggests federal disability benefit payments are fraudulent [1]

Shannon Bream was told to say that the Obama campaign is suing to prevent military voters in Ohio from having extra time to cast their ballots - Shannon Bream falsely claimed that the Obama campaign is suing to prevent military voters in Ohio from having extra time to cast their ballots. In reality, the lawsuit seeks to allow all voters in Ohio to cast their ballots during the window open to military personnel and their families. The lawsuit does not seek to restrict voting by military families in any way [2]

* (more)

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stupid Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee's 7th congressional district
is represented by Marsha Blackburn

since January 3, 2003 [1]

Marsha Blackburn says christians are persecuted in the US, can't give one example [35] ...because she's fucking stupid!

stupid stupid stupid! Marsha Blackburn wants Africa’s borders in Texas closed! - Rep. Marsha Blackburn is as good at geography as she is science. While a House panel sharply questioned health officials over the U.S. response to the ebola virus, the Tennessee Congresswoman managed to get America’s borders mixed up with African borders. In fairness, both regions in the world begin with an A [34]

Wow! Rep. Blackburn shows ultrasound pic of her grandson to testify against abortion - Marsha Blackburn brought a picture of her grandson to Capitol Hill. No, she didn’t simply show it to her colleagues to beam about her newest family member – she brought the picture straight to the Senate floor to testify against the pro-abortion S. 1696, or “Women’s Health Protection Act” [32][33]

stupid whopper category Marsha Blackburn defends blocking equal pay: GOP ‘led the fight for women’s equality’ - Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Stupid) asserted that the republican party was the party of "women's equality" days after senate republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act [29][30] Blackburn hasn’t been right about the GOP and women since the 1970's [31]

stupid nonchalance category Marsha Blackburn, horse torturer - Institutionalized abuse disguised as animal protection. Blackburn’s legislation was the best that horse-abusers’ money could buy, in the form of tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to her campaign, in order to continue torturing and maiming horses [28] (fixed)

stupid fear-mongering category Rep. Blackburn: Obama could take away your right to buy cheap shoes - Rep. Marsh Blackburn (R-Stupid) warned that President Barack Obama could soon take away the freedom to purchase cheap shoes if his health care reform law was allowed to stand [27]

stupid correlation category 'Some people like to drive a Ford, not a Ferrari. Some people like to drink out of a red Solo cup, not a crystal stem' Blackburn fumes 'You're taking away their choice' [26] freedumb! - This stupid woman who did her best to prevent Americans from getting affordable health insurance is now demanding Kathleen Sebelius apologize for the glitches in the web site preventing Americans from getting affordable health insurance

CNN anchor challenges stupid answers category congresswoman to substantiate Obamacare criticism, hilarity ensues - CNN anchor Carol Costello challenged Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Stupid) to substantiate her claim that HealthCare.gov will endanger Americans’ medical privacy. The host pushed the Congresswoman to specify which medical details enrollees would have to turn over to the federal government, causing Blackburn to become visibly uncomfortable and unsure as she strung together various buzzwords about privacy [25]

stupid lies category Marsha Blackburn: Republicans 'didn't want a government shutdown'  wait. what? - Yes, Republicans absolutely wanted a government shutdown. Republicans changed the standing rules of the House to engineer a shutdown! They did that. They own that. Or, as a stupid republican might say, they built that [23]

Marsha Blackburn: 'Everyone is going to share some blame' (for the Ted Cruz government shutdown) [13]

fun fact: republicans were blamed for Ted Cruz's government shutdown [14][15][16]

Poll confirms Americans blame GOP for shutdown [17][18][19][20][24]

GOP now the most unpopular political party ever measured by Gallup - Gallup leans to the right [21][22]

GOP’s war on women has a new face: stupid Marsha Blackburn! - Stupid Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn happily stepped up and took over the House GOP’s post-20 week abortion ban [12]

stupid is as stupid does... Stupid congresswoman Marsha Blackburn opposes pay equity laws because women 'don’t want the decisions made in Washington' [11]

Stupid Marsha Blackburn wants to know if Boston bombers had Obamaphones [9][10]

The RNC report has the right message, but we’re still not meeting women in the right places, said stupid Marsha Blackburn, who recommended using cake boxes and tampons to better communicate with them [8]

Sexagenarian House Rep. of Tennessee's 7th district [1] Marsha Blackburn - Republicans are the party of big ideas [2] ?!

Marsha Blackburn opposed Sandy relief after supporting disaster aid for her home State [3] [4]

Marsha Blackburn opposes gun control because of 'hammers' and 'hatchets' [5]

Marsha Blackburn opposes Obama’s Universal Preschool Plan because it would require 'more paperwork' [6]

Blackburn voted against Violence Against Women Act [7] ?!

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Contact Marsha Blackburn - Bio (provided by SPLC designated hate group Family Research Council)


How Marsha Blackburn voted on key votes


Marsha Blackburn on the issues


Marsha Blackburn's Dirty Energy Money


Marsha Blackburn's Open Secrets


Todd Kincannon's angry Tweets

Todd Kincannon arrested on domestic violence charges - The "family values" republican threatened to kill his wife

Todd Kincannon vowed to make his wife “very fucking sorry” - Police: Audio file among “treasure trove” of evidence - Sheriff’s deputies in Lexington County, S.C. have obtained extensive documentation of the domestic drama that has engulfed former S.C. “republican” party official Todd Kincannon and his wife, Ashely Griffith [16]

Todd Kincannon has solution for ebola: Execute all patients - Former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, Trayvon Martin clairvoyant, ethics-free attorney, and avid penis self-photographer Todd Kincannon is proudly pro-life — with one exception, of course, in that he wishes Wendy Davis had been aborted. But he also recognizes that sometimes, in the face of a serious health crisis, you just need to man up and kill everyone who’s been infected or exposed [15]

'I hope the dumb bitch who initiated physical violence with her NFL player fiance learned a good lesson when he justifiably beat her ass' - According to Kincannon, Ray Rice is the real victim [14]

Former SC GOP Director defends his Twitter antics - A sample Kincannon tweet: “This goatfucking terrorist lover just followed me --> @babanbauchi. Sorry, goatraper. Fuck Mohammed (piss be upon him)” [13]

His advice per rendering muslim terrorists---which he sees everywhere---unable to perpetrate violence on American soil? “We need to do to the Muslims what our forefathers did to the savages that infested America prior to Christopher Columbus… A civilized people must never be afraid to charge through the savages and shoot all the males over the age of 12.”

Todd Kincannon calls Wendy Davis a ‘whore,’ says ‘lick my taint’ in barrage of vile Tweets - Todd Kincannon, former head of the South Carolina GOP, feels incredibly threatened by Wendy Davis for some reason–and he’s not afraid to show it! Not only does he wish her dead, but the chilling look he provides into far-right mentality is positively haunting [11]

Meet WACH FOX News [1] Columbia SC, Good Day Columbia legal correspondent Todd Kincannon [2][3][4]

Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party Todd Kincannon tweets: 'This Super Bowl sucks more dick than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money' [5] [6]

did you hear this one?

@ToddKincannon: 'The Crabby Cunt from the California Coast'? #NancyPelosi
@ToddKincannon: Or how about 'The Botox Bitch from Buggeryland'?
   That seems to work for Nancy Pelosi too.
@ToddKincannon: Would you prefer Nancy the Crooked Whore?
   More accurate, but also more words.

but wait, there's more!

Todd Kincannon to Iraq war Vet:
'Shame you didn’t come home in a body bag' [8]

that's not all...

Muslims worship Satan. My God has a sinless Son. Your 'god' has a child-molesting mass-murdering necrophiliac prophet. We win. [9]

and then

There are people who respect transgender rights. And there are people who think you should all be put in a camp. That's me. They should all be locked up in mental institutions and their care paid for by the state. [10]

Todd Kincannon fights for his right to be a dick without little hindrances like “Professional Standards Of Conduct” [12]

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Todd Kincannon's Twitter


Todd Kincannon's other Twitter


The Kincannon Firm


the stupid ugly racist of FOX News
Donald Trump

Trump calls communion wafers crackers    lol!

Donald's euro-trashy gold digging fuckstain Melania speaks

Like a slutty FOX News doll teasing you with her muff, candidate Donald Trump is desperate for attention

NBC fired Trump's stupid ugly racist ass three days after Univision canceled Donald Trumps's Señorita USA pageant - Trump labeled most Mexicans criminals and rapists. "When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best," Trump said on June 16 when announcing his candidacy for president. "They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people"

Donald Trump wants Obama to get ebola [34]

Stupid Donald Trump thinks air traffic is deliberately flying planes over his club, files lawsuit [36]

Trump blasts Obama on ebola: Why are you sending troops? [33] answer: House republicans slash funding to help fight ebola & Republican senators seek to block funds to combat ebola

Donald Trump fires woman for not calling (serial rapist) Bill Cosby [35]

Stupid Donald Trump endorses Mitch McConnell for Speaker of the House [30]

update @realDonaldTrump isn't real after all... - Trump corrects ‘McConnell for Speaker’ tweet, blames ‘some unknown’ [31]

8 epic business failures with Donald Trump’s name on them

#theStupidParty - How stupid is Donald Trump? [32]

Trump Plaza to become latest Atlantic City casino to close - When Trump Plaza opened on May 14, 1984, Donald Trump called it the finest building in Atlantic City, and possibly the nation. But since then, The Donald has left town and cut ties to its casinos [29] Thousands of people lost their jobs in Atlantic City and the Donald is gloating [28]

Donald Trump goes on FOX News and defends racist Donald Sterling - Blames it on Sterling’s girlfriend, V. Stiviano [27]

Once respected [1], twice (or more) combed-over [2], thrice married [3] , fourfold bankrupt [4] [5] , klansperson [6] birther-obsessed [7] dumdum Donald Trump says the craziest shit - 'And that’s the sad part about life, because you have fabulous Muslims - I know many Muslims, and they are fabulous people, they’re smart, they’re industrious,' he said. 'Unfortunately, at this moment in time, there is a Muslim problem in the world' [8]

wow! After Trump rails about jobs going to China, Dave pulls out Trump line of clothing, the ties are made in... China

New York Attorney General sues Donald Trump over 'unlicensed' University [25] - New York Attorney General sues Donald Trump for $40M, claiming 'Trump University' fraud - New York's attorney general sued Donald Trump for $40 million, saying the real estate mogul helped run a phony 'Trump University' that promised to make students rich but instead steered them into expensive and mostly useless seminars, and even failed to deliver promised apprenticeships [24] - Donald Trump baselessly links President Obama to Trump University lawsuit [26]

Tens of people attend Trump's 2013 CPAC speech [23]

Donald Trump's big gay problem [9]

NBC rewards Donald Trump’s bad behavior with $130 Million [10]

Trump: Republicans should reject any debt ceiling deal to ensure Obama isn’t re-elected [11]

Gingrich and Trump: Let’s have 'Apprentice' show with poor kids [12] Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump’s new hit: Mini-Apprenti! Put those kids to work! [13]

While digging up 1,235 acres for his golf course, Donald Trump says wind farms are 'destroying' Scotland [14]

Donald Trump: Long history of bashing women [15]

Shit racist people say Donald Trump edition [16]

Birther Trump: Romney should demand Obama's college records [17]

Chrysler executive calls Trump 'full of shit' [18]

Donald Trump calls for boycott of whiskey producer Glenfiddich bestowed the Donald's new nemesis, farmer Michael Forbes, with the Top Scot award [19]

Donald Trump: I will sue Bill Maher if he does not pay up $5M [20] Trump threatens to sue Maher over 'bet' asking for proof he wasn't birthed from an orangutan [21]

Racist Donald Trump: Let in more (white) immigrants [22]

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